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How Does Car Financing Work?

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When you’re ready to buy a new car in greater Columbia, you’ll need to apply for financing, but what is financing a car in the first place? If you’re new to this process, and you’ve been asking yourself, “How does financing a car work?” or “What does it mean to finance a car?”, no worries. Honda of Columbia is here to demystify the process of how financing a car works and set you on the right track, so you can get a good rate on your next car loan! 

How Does Financing a Car Work? 

When you apply for a loan, your lender will look at a number of factors in your financial history to determine what level of risk you are when it comes to repayment. The healthier your financial history, the more bargaining power you’ll have when negotiating the loan. Here are the most important things a lender will consider: 

  • Credit Score
  • Loan Amount
  • Length of Loan
  • Down Payment Offer
  • Proof of Employment 
  • Debt-to-Income Ratio

If you don’t think you have strong credit, and you’re worried about how it will affect your loan terms, see if you can find a family member or friend with good credit who’d be willing to co-sign on the loan with you. 

Choose Your Lender

You’ll want to go to several lenders for pre-approval, so you can get multiple quotes on interest rates. For instance, if your dealership offers in-house financing, you can take their first quote to a neighboring bank or credit union to see if they’ll make a counter offer. If they do, you can even bring that counter-offer back to the dealership and see if you can get them to go even lower. 

Finalize the Loan Terms 

The last step of how car finance works is finalizing your loan. If you think you have leverage, you’ll want to negotiate the terms of your loan, whether that’s purchase price or interest rate, with your financier. Once you reach an agreement, you sign all the necessary paperwork, receive the title to the vehicle and drive back to Irmo in your new Honda! 

Let Honda of Columbia Show You How Car Finance Works Today! 

Now that West Columbia drivers have some working answers to the questions, “How does financing a car work?” and “What does it mean to finance a car?”, reach out to the finance department at Honda of Columbia to take the next steps. Do you have other questions about the car shopping process? You can always call us for answers at %%di_phone_number%%, but you can also explore our car buying tips for more information on topics like determining what a good interest rate is on an auto loan

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