What is Good Mileage On a Used Car?

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When searching the Columbia market for a pre-owned vehicle, you will want to note the physical and mechanical condition of the car you intend to purchase. Along with that, the mileage is worth a check. The number on the odometer can play an important role in determining the value of a vehicle, as well as its longevity. While many recommend avoiding vehicles with more than 100,000 miles racked up, this isn’t a definitive rule. So, what is good mileage on a used car? Well, that can be quite subjective.

Along with mileage, the condition, location, and usage of a vehicle must be heavily considered when deciding which model is worthy of your Irmo upgrade. As we will discuss later, each mile is not the same, and the level of care put into a vehicle can often be more important than a figure in the odometer. We will explore good mileage for a used car and other critical aspects to consider below!

Used Car Shopping Facts

Mileage is a good indicator of a vehicle’s status, but it doesn’t paint the full picture. Other things to look at when shopping used near West Columbia include:

  • Usage – Good mileage for a used car is often based on the way a vehicle has been used. A car with 50,000 miles of stop and go traffic will have more wear and tear than a vehicle with 50,000 miles accumulated through highway driving.
  • Location – Vehicles driven in warm, dry climates are preferable and often in better shape than ones from cold and wet areas.
  • Condition – Work with a mechanic to inspect the vehicle to determine if there are any lingering issues that may warrant repairs. Figure these costs into your budget.
  • Maintenance – Ask about the maintenance record of the vehicle you intend to buy. A strong service history can allow for a confident purchase, while an irregular one may be a sign that expensive repairs are on the horizon.

Choosing a Used Car Based on Mileage

Unfortunately, there is no magic mileage number that indicates whether or not a vehicle is worth buying. In addition to mileage, there are many factors that come into play when discerning which pre-owned vehicle is right for you. Instead of looking at mileage as an indicator of the past, think of it in terms of the future. Consider how long you want your car to last, and look for a vehicle with mileage to match.

For example, a vehicle with 50,000 miles on the odometer likely has many more healthy years to give. However, if you want to save big, an inexpensive used model with around 100,000 miles is likely to last another four years or more. The typical driver accumulates roughly 12,000 miles per year, so keep that in mind when deciding between mileage and age.

Mileage vs. Age

A newer model with higher mileage may be a better investment than an older vehicle with fewer miles. Consider the following when making your purchase:

  • Vehicles that haven’t been driven frequently can have lingering mechanical problems. Costly repairs can accumulate if a vehicle sits idle for too long.
  • A pre-owned model with a strong service record is preferable to one with a questionable past.
  • Low mileage vehicles are often more expensive.

Opting for a Certified Pre-Owned model is a great way to secure a like-new vehicle without breaking the bank. If you prefer to keep your car payment at a minimum, our selection of used vehicles priced under $15k has what you need!

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Now that you know about good mileage for a used car, you can work with Honda of Columbia to find your fit! We have a diverse range of pre-owned models to choose from. Whether you want a modest car payment or a practically new ride, our selection of used vehicles has what you need. Be sure to explore our pre-owned specials for added savings before you buy! Contact us today if you have lingering questions about what is good mileage on a used car and more. While you’re here, be sure to explore our overview of how long brakes last.

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